Inclusive growth for all……..

overloaded_train_hanging_indiaVikram Adiga has painfully stripped India in his Booker winning novel “The White Tiger”.He has used sarcasm and burlesque to shred Indians of their dream of India Shining. The White tiger is a painful book for every Indian……Painful because it elaborately and pictorially showcase the dark side of India with vivid description of anguish and misery.

It pains a lot but it is truth. We have a great divide here in India. One India which is splurging in CCD’s and Domino’s , on the wings of new found growth and globalization. And than there is another India which is still struggling for nutrition. We have a great divide. We need a growth that is more inclusive.

How is it possible to make 125million people halcyon and happy and rich and content. We are 125 million. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIFE ………goddamn million.

Just imagine that all of them grow at a good phase. Tomorrow everyone is having a CAR…………but imagine where the fuel will come from and how will expand our lands for those cars and till how long our resources will last.

Have i gone insane or what???  I think most of the people will think that and will counter me that every one has right in growth of our country.

So where the problem lies…

If you recall …………..10 Years back ..The biggest problem our country used to be our population. But thanks to Globalization…It is not now… Now we flaunt our Gargantuan population as We have escaped recession on back of local demand generated by this HUGE population. We will keep on producing children and very fast pace and So thankfully we will be youngest country after 50 years…. We grew because of what we thought was our curse. OUR POPULATION.

Yes we grew.. We are growing …. And will grow..

10% growth..We will grow .. We all will be rich.. We all will be having cars, AC’s,……………nd every goddamn available thing…  Only thing that will be exhausted will be our resources…….Or the resources of EARTH.

I mean the idea is there is a pace for everything….We should grow slow so that resources can sustain..

Growing slow also applies for the population as well …Growth of which has been forgotten by government in wake of huge GDP and growth India is getting.

But the issue is how long can we sustain… And if INCLUSIVENESS is attained than what.

How will we have roads for 125 million Indians to travel in a car owned by him.

How will we contain it???

125 million……………………………….and growing………


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6 Responses to “Inclusive growth for all……..”

  1. Ramesh Says:

    Hey brother, it is apparent you are poor in counting numbers! 125 millions make only 12.5 crores!!

  2. Etan D. Says:

    Thanks for a wise insight from within. Open questions remain..

    My India: Where every village is home – Experience !

  3. Aaron Says:


  4. Aaron Says:

    lol, Use renewable energies.

  5. pradeepsinghraghav Says:

    I am not poor in counting numbers ramesh.. Rather I would say that It was a typing mistake..

    Aaron @ whats so funny in the article that you had to laugh out loud two times in your comments.

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