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Power elates…..YEAH IT DOES!!!

June 14, 2008

Yesterday,was the first day when i did something relevant in my short tenure of internship with the NGO named IBTADA.The days before this day in office were bewildering for me.

I had heard so much about IBTADA in alleviating poverty and empowering woman through microfinance, but here i could not understood how things were going on.Very laid back attitude of staff and people.Very austere people were against my idea of meeting people who would talk big about their endeavours in removing poverty.At a point i started feeling that i was either in a wrong place or all the claims made by this organization were fake.

But my visit to DADAR changed it all. I was asked to visit a meeting of self help group to document a case study about some women who were able to get there agriculture land back from the clutches of money landers.I was asked to visit a woman called PANCHO.I was afraid and confused.I mean how could i go and talk to some woman specially in  a village whom i had never met before.But our sir saved me by saying that one of institution’s representative would be there.So after initial dilema i went there.

Alwar is a beautiful city and journey to village on my bike when sky was showring drizzles on me was PLAINLY……. BEAUTIFUL.Dadar was no different from an ordinary village inspite of being close to the city, situating in National capital region, and on Four lane state highway with all its muddy roads,naked children and a mix of kuchha pukka houses.

Anyways when i reached there i saw around twelve woman in colourful dresses sitting around two men who were managing their accounts in a beautiful shade that was barely 4 feet high in front of a two room house .One of the man invited me to sit next to him.They were knowing about my visit.I was introduced and asked to hurry up as it was 4.30 and all women were getting late to meet there buffaloes and goats, offcourse for milching them.

So I started asking my question on how,when and where.Women were answering me.But there was a voice which was manly,loud and knowing it all types. Okey so this was Pancho.Head woman who was responsible for curbing the local politics which generally stops SHG’s even before they start. Pancho, smoking beedi answered when any woman got confused in answering.She was confident and hopeful.Her energy,vigour and hope was the driving factor.Her stature and authority was the confidance that had helped group formation and maintainance of group which later took a  loan of one lakh that was used by 8 women of the group to get their land worth Rs 12 lakhs back.

Her confidance and vigor made me realize the power that she has got.The power which transformed a scheduled caste widow named PANCHO to elate herself and elate her group of women.This power was provided to her by IBTADA by providing her exposure and training to start the group.

Now i realized why people back at IBTADA were laid back…because they had empowered woman like PANCHO who were taking care of herself and her group.

This is the true POWER and it reallly elates.

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