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An idea can change so many lives!!!

May 28, 2008

How many times have you thought of changing someone’s lives? I can bet the hardest of souls amongst us must have thought of changing someone’s live sometime.A withered old beggar lady or a construction worker with new born baby. Remember the outburst of desire at that particular moment that your heart was swayed with. You wanted to do something for them.Something that can change their lives.

But that something never happened. So here you are. Or should i say here we are. Living our lives with guilt of not doing anything for those whom we saw, felt for and left for their desitinies to decide for them.After all we are not angels,Neither we are Some Bill gate’s or even TATA’s.We are just another human beings fighting with day to day problems of our lives.

Someone must have faced this problem aswell.But he didnt stop there.He deviced an idea.An idea which is changing so many lives.And the idea was……. . A platform where those who feel ,can act as well.This website provides you platform to actually give small loans or help to a particular idividual in any part of the world.

Imagine a amount which can buy you a trouser here can help someone start a living in another part of of world. 10 dollars which accounts for meal of a person in a restaurant in london can help some one in Ghana to start his small business.Amazing idea.and amazing platform…………That is kiva.

Visit and see how an idea can really change lives.