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Killer Capitalism..

August 28, 2008

Capitalism…was always a fairytale for India.Atleast for people of x generation who always dreamt of AMERICAN lifestyle where everything is fast,beautiful and glamourous.A system which was supposed to be free from all SARKARI corruption.A system with everything RIGHT.X generation considered Nehruvian socialism as the chain that was stopping growth of India.I was part of this x generation who believed in this fairytale too.I still believe in human urge to grow which lays the founding stone of capitalism.Basic of capitalism is human urge which always wants to spread, acquire and grow.This urge is the root cause of exploits of capitalism as well.

Capitalism has delivered what it promised.It has delivered fast cars,BIG and astonishingly beautiful structures and HEAVY Pockets.Everyone seems to be happy.Powered by booming economy and rising share market,everyone is rising on ecstastic wave of power.

But can everything be that straight?

It cant be and it isn’t.

Yesterday i saw the reason why Nehru abhored Capitalism and the reason he came up with something called mixed economy.Yesterday i happened to visit a Private hospital in my city to see a known person from my village who was admitted there.

The hospital is airy and beautifully maintained. This hospital is one of the best in the city.Yet another gift of Capitalism.I went to the general ward to meet the person.He is a poor farmer who owns around 2 acre land.His annual income would be  hardly 50000/-.He was suffering from some disease which i could not read and pronounce from the prescription.But what i was shocked with was the tests that he had undergone since coming there.He showed me a bill of 20000/- which he had already paid and there was yet more to come.

I asked the reason of not going to the government hospital and his wife spoke with grim voice.She said that she had initially taken him to government hospital but for two days no one took care.His condition was getting bad day by day.So he was brought here.Family has taken loan of 25000/- from some money lander in the village.I knew a Compounder there and asked him about the patient.

He looked at him and told me that he will be allright in few days. What came next was infact more shocking.He told me that the patient was not serious and all the tests done on him were done in order to make money only.That means that all of the tests were not required.

Was i shocked? Not actually as it happens everyday.

But what striked me was why?And the answer came from the compounder itself.He said that all these fake tests are necessary in order to maintain huge expenditure that is required to run that BIG hospital with BIG staff and its bright corridors.Offcourse all that comes for a cost.

So everyone pays for that.So now we are living in a world where we pay for packaging and not for real product.Where the structures of Capitalism has started a vicious cycle of exploitation which no one of us is able to break.Being part of that vicious cycle we exploit someone else and the cycle of exploitation goes on.

The doctor who started that big hospital in my small town was also prey of this vicious cycle .He was somewhere trapped in this chain.No he is no inhuman or cheat.But he has to be like that in order to make his hospital survive.

That’s capitalism for you folks………..Or KILLER CAPITALISM as i would like to label it.