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In the pursuit of happiness….

October 14, 2009


Being happy with current state would be belying with the very thought of us being human. Ostensibly Complacency is a stage desired by every mortal. .Complacency brings with it something called gaiety. We do have short periods of this amazing feeling. But soon it fazes out. Very nature of human beings denies them this very basic pleasure.

Desires, Dreams and aspirations, leaves us with very little to be happy about. Though, Otherwise Mantras of all motivational Gurus, these words are bad guys for a blithe life. Goals of our life which we always strive for, love we always quench for, and desires to grab all those objects of pleasure; the satiating desire to achieve these some things we don’t have make our life miserable. Moreover, available Bibles of Self help with pictures of Big smile wearing Guys telling you that these thing are possible and your life is pathetic makes your life a bit more pathetic.

All those examples of people who have done it, Paradigms showing  picture perfect lives of people, make us feel  small and our lives  shabby.

The constant mantras, telling every thing is possible and attainable. Leaves us cribbing for what we are unable to achieve, forgetting  the things we have and for which we can be happy.

But Is n’t that’s what  the life is all about? Setting up small goals, pursuing them, and being happy after achieving them. And going  on and on and on like this?

So Is that for what we have come in life. Working like machines for good body, good health , good lifestyle, good woman/man……and turn into a crap some day.

A feeling of worthlessness and detachments starts creeeping in when we think on very purpose of  what we generally strive for. All those things are so shallow from inside. At a time what feels like big palace, feels nothing more than an arrangement of brick and mortar after it comes to our hand.

Perhaps that’s the thing that caused people like Buddha and Vivekananda, to search for the eternal joy. A feeling of trance, that is ecstatic and answers it all. A feeling for which saints and intellects bore the hardships.

We very mortals, entangled by our desires for physical things can only desires for this cosmic experience. We can just  be happy of setting up goals and striving for them and setting some new goals again.

But that joy that comes after achieving that goal. Isn’t that a great feeling.  A innocent smile and hug of our children is eternal joy. I am sure in search of MOKSHA people must be missing these small joys