Love is not love…………BLAH BLAH BLAH!!

“love is not love which alters when its alterations find”

6 pegs in and i am a crazy……..whatever!!! Actually i am….OOPS sorry no i am not generally insane but i am insane now because i am 6 pegs inn!!

And a guy who is 6 pegs in(sorry i am not talking about TANKIES) can translate a Shakespeare  quote like that only.This happened to me acutally 7 years back when a guy smoking a beedi and desi daru came up with this quote to me.I was shocked than.And i am shocked now as well as i am listening this beautful quote from a dumb friend of mine who is also six pegs down.

I dunno what Mr shakespeare had in mind while creating this line but it is kind of ridiculous in my current state or Should i say my friends current state of mind.Being dumped by his six years old girlfriend can make you insane.But love is all about being insane or atleast a preparation for being ready to be insane.

After being insane for literally six years now my friend is finally dumped.So his love found her alterations.That means their love was not love .Than what is love.

99% of loves that i have been witnessed to have been love of this kind only.Than what Mr shakespear thought of while writing this sonnet.

WHATEVER………..god bless my friend!!!


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