Children of lesser GOD!

Torn, festering and dust laden robe, a cloth on flanks and face brimming with naivety.No twinge or sense of divestiture in eyes. Devotion for his job. And a perky grin when being teased.This is Chotu for you.

Chotu may be a help in your’s or your neighbour’s abode, Chotu may be working at chai ki thadi in vicinity of your office or in your neighborhood dhaba.

Chotu is incognito of any child worker whom we watch everyday. Chotu serves us every day. Chotu is responsible for the paltry cost of keeping our house clean, and cutting chai that we sip and even food we have in these dhabas. Chotu makes sure that the cost of these things doesn’t escalate by keeping his wages low.

 Chotu is exploited by me, you and everyone daily. Bright fireworks that bring sheen on face of our kids have toil of some chotu behind it. Chotu works for a meager food ,a meager salary or sometimes just to fulfill debt that has been taken  by his parents.

Chotu works hard. He works when children of his age play and study. Chotu takes orders from children of his own age. Chotu serves all delicacies which he just dreams of.

Chotu……………….. He must be a child of some lesser god.A god who was lesser than god of us all who are blessed. Who have lives that are less difficult than his. Chotu’s only fault is taking birth in a family which is poor and a country where being poor is a curse.He will never realize his loss.And even if he does he cant help it out.

He is beaten, brawled and sometimes raped. He has a future of turning up into HIV positive, a grown less paid worker or into a pickpocket.

He is living a life that promises of being more miserable every day.

We take services of chotu every day.No we are not cruel.We empathize with him.We empathizes with him by asking him about his life and discussing him in our elite circles. We empathizes with him by writing articles about him and getting accolades for our touching articles.

And we empathize with him by keeping him in his job. After all he wont have anything to eat we do not take his services.

After all that is all what we can do. There are government agencies, NGO’S and people working for them. If they cant help them how can we.

That’s our escape from chotu’s life.Our soul which used to pain initially looking at chotu has stopped itching now. After all how many times can it itch in a day. We are happy in our busy lives pampering our children with all the beautiful toys made by some Chotu.

Its time for being less hypocrite. Its time to think about all the chotus. Its time to not just think. If we really want these children of lesser god to live their childhood we will have to be less hypocrite.We will need to discard all the services where childworkers are used.

We have to revive and redesign our book of ethics. We will have to act .And we will have to be honest in our endeavor to give a second chance to these children of lesser god


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6 Responses to “Children of lesser GOD!”

  1. lostonthestreet Says:

    Hey sure ,and if you read my posts you will also see how elated i am now 🙂

  2. Vithika Says:

    You have a great job, while personifying the problem of child labour – in the name of Chotu!

    In the hope of ending slavery and exploitation…


  3. shikha Says:

    great to read this
    actually heart rending!!!
    but the way you saw the world of CHOTU and the way you wrote is simply worth praise so…
    kudos to you friend
    hope you continue doing things like this to makle this world a better place to live in for ppl like him!!!!
    hopefully someone felt it as an eye opener!!!!!!
    best wishes!!!

  4. pr3rna Says:

    Very well written.

  5. Kapileshwar singh Says:

    Dear Sir
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  6. Rob Says:


    The problem of too many chotus is complex. If you end all economic interation with them they will starve. The economy can’t uplift everyone at once. One has to think strategicly about the matter. If a society is to be able to provision all it’s children there must be sufficient reserves to support them in the years when they do not produce for the economy. Such reserves are generally only acheivable when there are sufficient resources, cheap and effeciant energy, and an educated and energetic workforce.

    India and other impoverished nations give birth to more children than can be provisioned by the reserves. A well functioning and productive economy does not exist in India as it does in Western nations, including Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    China has benefited by reducing its birth rate of Chotus by decree. Western nations have reduced birthrate voluntarily. Europe was full of Chotus prior to 1900.

    China continues to suffer great poverty, but at least there is some hope there. In India we see some hope also. The hope lies in embracing Western business and legal traditions which increase opportunity, encourage economic activity and tamp down corruption. The USA benefitted from breaking with many European traditions of class consciousness which discouraged enterprise and encouraged corruption. Most of the early immigrants to USA from Europe were very moral Christian people who were already at odds with the corruptions in Europe. A large percent of the initial laws created in the 13 colonies and then the USA were moral in nature, designed to ensure fair play and tamp down corruption and immoral practices. While many will find faults with the initial legal frameworks of the USA, the point is that there was a significant break with the Old World in terms of economic and moral culture. It was this break that made the New World really new.

    All the other economies of the world are Old World economies and cultures that are thousands of years old, and have corrupt practices, like cobwebs, that are just as old. The culture of corruption is part of Old World cultures and is deeply embedded. India is known as a society where whistle blowers risk their lives – they are often murdered – and where when a corruption case does appear before a judge it is often summarily dismissed because the defendants have “connections” with the judge, or are able to pay a bribe.

    To help Chotus one must have high personal and civic scruples. One must be industrious, healthy, interested in enlightenment and willing to self-regulate birthrate. A couple that wants more than 1.5 children should adopt an infant or take a Chotu into one’s family. Many have done this, but not enough.

    So I am saying that one must not starve the Chotus by refusing to interact economically with them, rather one must adopt the Chotus into one’s family (like in the movies Baghban) Chotu may have a family – perhaps only one parent – and so he/she can be taken in as a nephew or neice. Though he may return each evening to the shanty of his mother he must feel that his adoptive uncle is there standing morally and economicly behind him. He must be treated as family and included in all family events. His uncle must encourage and support his schooling and frown when he misbehaves or does not attend to his studies. Children know instictively that just disapproval by an elder is a sign of love. Children will often pout when reprimanded, but if the reprimand is just then the period of pouting is their time of reflection during which they come to understand the error of their ways.

    It is too easy to think that one can help Chotu by refusing to interact economicly with him. This is akin to thinking that micro-credit will fix poverty – it is too easy. It is much harder to take the young person under your wing and make the commitment to see him/her through to adulthood, which will often mean enduring some difficult experiences.

    Also bear in mind that some Chotus are under the care and tutilage of their walla chacha. The walla chacha may need Chotu’s productivity to afford him. Inquiries may reveal ways to help these Chotus.


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